Friday, January 23, 2009

Singing with the Birds

I'm constantly searching for new things to do around my apartment. I love running full-speed from one end to the other, climping on top of the flat screen TV and scaling the drapes, but a kitty always needs another hobby right? I've recently discovered a new talent -- I can sing like a bird! I was sitting in the window watching the birds in the tree right outside. First, I tried to jump at them but that pesky glass was in my way. After a few attempts I finally accepted that I'm not going to break through the window. So I decided I needed something else to keep me busy while I watched the wildlife. That's when I discovered I have a natural talent for singing. I figured that if those silly little birds could make such nice music then why can't a healthy, handsome boy like me try out my singing voice. So now everytime the birds chirp I add a little baritone to the song. Jen says it sounds like I'm clicking my tongue. Clearly she's tone deaf and can't hear the genius in my voice. Each day I try to practice with the chorus outside my window. I need to build up my voice. Maybe next year I'll try out for American Idol and break outta this joint...

By the way, Jen said that she'll try to get video of my performance and post it on here. Maybe someone else will appreciate my artistic talent...

1 comment:

  1. Hi ya, Tuck! Nice to meet you! We sing that same song to the birdies too! Why can't the beans hear it???

    Wally & Ernie