Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Write!

I love pens and paper! Jen and Frank try to take the pens away, so I have to hide them. Last night they managed to find one and tried to write something you can see I had different plans. I did offer to take notes for them though.


  1. Hi Tuck! Good job with that pen! I love pens too! The beans can't leave pens out on the table or counter...cuz I have pen radar and will whap them off onto the floor!


  2. You should try to make a Paw Doodle, like Daisy The Curly Cat showed us how to do last week. First you trace around your paw, and then you make something funny out of the shape.

  3. I love, love, love a good pen or pencil or marker or crayon.

    Great fun!

    Purrs Banshee

  4. Hi Tuck,
    It's nice to meet you. Hmmm, we've never tried pens. Mama must hide them from us or sometin. We're Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby, three wild cats that Mama & Papa rescued between this last Sept. & Nov. We live with Butchy & Snickers, 2 wire fox terrier doggies. We have a ball. We're anxious to keep reading your adventures.
    Purrs & Licks,
    Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Butchy & Snickers

  5. we LOVE pens. Mommy cannot find a single one in the house - ever. But we know where about 100 of them are!!

  6. Oh, yeah, pens are grate! Momma always has lots of pens around for grading and writing and playing with.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  7. Hi Tuck... we didn't see an email here for you, so maybe you'd be good enough to email us... we have a picture to share with you,
    and want to ask some questions, too...
    Thanks so much, Maggy & Zoey from

  8. Hi Tuck! I saw your blog listed on Maggy and Zoey's blog (Zoolatry) and wanted to drop by and say hello.

    Please feel free to come by and visit anytime!

  9. We whap pens onto the floor.
    -Patches Nemo

  10. We love pens too. Alfie will play with absolutely anything - even a tiny bit of clean poop grit that got flung from his box. He has some nice real toys - but everything is a toy to Alfie. Wheras I'm more growed up.

    love Milo xx

  11. lmfao jennifer i should start a blog for big foot....people would get a kick outta my cat too