Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nice to Meet Ya

My name is Tuck and this is my blog. I'm a five-month-old gray striped kitten. I live in New Jersey with my pet parents Frank and Jen. Jen decided to help me create my own blog after she realized that I was only thing she talked about on hers. I'm an adventurous little boy and my favorite thing to do is play with bottle caps and pens. Frank and Jen don't like it when I play with pens, but I have managed to hide every single writing utensil in the apartment and they can't find them!

My favorite new trick is tormenting Frank when he tries to play a video game. I wait until he gets really into it and then I run and the TV, leap up on the stand and stretch up to the top like I'm going to scratch it. It drives him nuts.

Hopefully, I'll make some other kitty friends who will check in on me from time to time as I continue to turn Frank and Jen's apartment into Mr. Tuck's Neighborhood!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tuck,

    Welcome to blogging! We think you'll love it!