Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Short Ear

Jen said that maybe I should explain to my new friends why one of my ears looks funny in some pictures. See when I was about two months old I got into a fight with a ferocious squirrel. He got my ear, but I got his life...just kidding. When I met Jen and Frank I had already been to the V-E-T and been fixed and had my shots. That crazy V-E-T also clipped one of my ears. He said its because I was feral and anyone else that found me would see my ear and know that I had already been fixed. Jen called my grandhuman who used to work for a V-E-T and she said she'd never heard of such a thing. But the deed was done. When I came to live here my little clipped ear was infected. Jen and Frank had to put medicine on it to make it better. It doesn't bother me now...actually I think it gives me character.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Write!

I love pens and paper! Jen and Frank try to take the pens away, so I have to hide them. Last night they managed to find one and tried to write something you can see I had different plans. I did offer to take notes for them though.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Fishy

I don't have a mouse. I know most self-respecting cats have a mouse to bat around and bite. Instead of a mouse I have a fish. He's red and yellow and he glimmers in the sunlight. I love my fishy. I once put him in my water bowl so he could swim, but Jen took him out and told me that he doesn't like the water (a fish after my own heart.) I don't have a name for my fishy yet. Any suggestions?

Just a little sip?

After the bath yesterday I needed a drink. I tried to help myself, but Jen said that kitties don't drink wine. Instead she gave me some tuna flakes, which are yummy, but not quite what I had in mind. Oh well, it was worth a try...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Unthinkable...

They have really done it now. Jen and Frank did the most awful, unforgiveable thing this morning. They gave me a bath. It was my first run in with that horrible water. They put me in the bathtub, got me all wet, rubbed some sort of gooey substance on me that smells like baby powder and poured more water all over me to remove the goo. I didn't let all this happen without a fight though. I scratched and clawed the entire time. But I did not scream. I stayed strong and did not make a sound. I did; however, bring blood. They both bled for their horrible actions. I will not forget this. Next time I hear whisperings of a bath I will make a preemptive strike...that much I vow. I have to go now, the humans are trying to make up for being so cruel by offering me a treat.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I'm tired today. I was up most of the night playing. so I think I just need to rest. Jen took some pictures of me sleeping. See, I was trying to work on a new post, but couldn't keep my eyes open...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Singing with the Birds

I'm constantly searching for new things to do around my apartment. I love running full-speed from one end to the other, climping on top of the flat screen TV and scaling the drapes, but a kitty always needs another hobby right? I've recently discovered a new talent -- I can sing like a bird! I was sitting in the window watching the birds in the tree right outside. First, I tried to jump at them but that pesky glass was in my way. After a few attempts I finally accepted that I'm not going to break through the window. So I decided I needed something else to keep me busy while I watched the wildlife. That's when I discovered I have a natural talent for singing. I figured that if those silly little birds could make such nice music then why can't a healthy, handsome boy like me try out my singing voice. So now everytime the birds chirp I add a little baritone to the song. Jen says it sounds like I'm clicking my tongue. Clearly she's tone deaf and can't hear the genius in my voice. Each day I try to practice with the chorus outside my window. I need to build up my voice. Maybe next year I'll try out for American Idol and break outta this joint...

By the way, Jen said that she'll try to get video of my performance and post it on here. Maybe someone else will appreciate my artistic talent...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Morning After

I'm tired this morning. Last night I lounged on Jen's lap for most of the evening, she thought I was just being sweet. Little did she know that I was resting up for what was going to be a crazy night. As soon as I saw her eyes start to droop I cut loose. I ran, jumped, scratched and batted toys around until two in the morning. I don't like being alone, so I decided that tonight Jen should be awake to witness all my fun. Every time she would fall asleep I would jump up and bat her face or run over her with all my might. It was a successful night of catting around. Jen's eyes are red and she's cranky, but I'm just getting ready for my long day nap. I'll sleep most of the day that way I'll be ready to go again tonight!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nice to Meet Ya

My name is Tuck and this is my blog. I'm a five-month-old gray striped kitten. I live in New Jersey with my pet parents Frank and Jen. Jen decided to help me create my own blog after she realized that I was only thing she talked about on hers. I'm an adventurous little boy and my favorite thing to do is play with bottle caps and pens. Frank and Jen don't like it when I play with pens, but I have managed to hide every single writing utensil in the apartment and they can't find them!

My favorite new trick is tormenting Frank when he tries to play a video game. I wait until he gets really into it and then I run and the TV, leap up on the stand and stretch up to the top like I'm going to scratch it. It drives him nuts.

Hopefully, I'll make some other kitty friends who will check in on me from time to time as I continue to turn Frank and Jen's apartment into Mr. Tuck's Neighborhood!