Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hide and Seek

She definitely can't see me in way she'll find me hiding behind the blanket
AH! She found me! And she flashed me! This is a stupid game anyway.


  1. Oh Tuck! We've tried so hard to hide from the flashy box too...but we keep losing that game...

  2. Eventually, you'll learn to accept the flashy box, Tuck. There's no way to win.

  3. Hi, Tuck! We just saw a link to you on another cat blog, and we wanted to drop by and introduce ourselves. Keep listening to other cats in the Blogosphere and you'll learn a lot -- so much that you will always have your humans at your beck and call.

  4. Hi Tuck,

    Hide and seek is a great game to play! Mom's and flashy boxes seem inseperable when you have a blog! Best to just say cheese and get it over wiv! Love Milo xx

    Cheese? Did someone say cheese? I love cheese! Love Alfie xx

  5. Hi Tuck!! I have added you to the ManCat-in-Training Blogroll! Welcome to the M-Cats Club!! Come on by and check us out!
    Hi 5 paw,
    Mr. Tigger

  6. Hi Tuck, glad to meet you, we are the Cat Street Boyz. Reading your older post about your ear, we wanted to tell you that our brother, Cherokee also a feral for awhile, had his ear done but around here they just take a piece from the side of the ear. Well we should say that's what they did a few years ago, he was adopted in 2001.=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  7. Oh Tuck it is so hard to hide from the flashy box.

  8. tuck

    we just love your were doing a good job hiding from the flashy box!