Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom Meme

Today, Jen has asked to borrow my blog to participate in the Mom Meme. She was tagged by Sue, Wally, Ernie and Zoey's mom. I thought about telling her no, but changed my mind. She does feed me after all...

Thanks Tuck. I promise you can have the blog back tomorrow!

So the rules of the meme are:

“Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.” I've selected #1.

First, here's a photo that was taken last weekend at a balloon festival. No idea why we decided to have the picture taken with the line of PortaPottys in the background.

1. I was born and raised in West Virginia and moved to New Jersey after college. I still miss home.

2. I'll be 30 in a few months. I'm really dreading it. I spent the first few years in my 20s wishing for 30 because I thought it sounded respectable. In the last three years I realized that I'm not ready to be done with the 20s yet.

3. I love to read and I do it freakishly fast. Sometimes I'll read three or four books in a day (If I have the books and nothing else to do.) I even reread books if I'm really desperate. My favorites are Harry Potter, the Sookie Stackhouse series and mystery books.

4. If I'm in a really bad mood, or despressed, I like to bake. There's something comforting about it.

5. I love the beach, but hate the ocean. I watched Jaws too many times when I was young. I have this unrealistic idea that if I go in the water above my knees that I'm done for. I also can't stay on the beach for too long. I start to blister.

6. I don't watch many television shows. I love True Blood and American Idol, but other than that I stick with HGTV and the Food Network.

7. I grew up wanting to be a teacher, ended up graduating with a degree in print journalism and spent a year as a newspaper reporter before I switched careers.

Now I'm supposed to tag other bloggers, so I'm going to tag Zeus' mom, Chey's mom, Adele, Bella and Vincent's mom, Pemberley's mom, JB's mom and Jas' mom.


  1. Fun stuff! We enjoy reading the facts about the mommys. Our Mommy reads really fast too, and on weekends if nothing else is going on, she'll read several books too.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. Your mom looks ever so nice! And your dad too! We are impressed at her reading speed, wow.

  3. We love this meme! If my mom tries to read we try and sit on her books! My mom does not like to be in the ocean either. Something about not knowing what's under there!

  4. Hi ya, Jen! Thanks for sharing some fun facts about you! It's nice to get to know our furiends' humans!! Don't worry about turning 30...our mom wishes she could be 30 again! And our mom's mom grew up in WV our mom has been there on vacation a few times...pretty country!

  5. Ah man, now I'm going to have to loan her the blog.. but not until next week I think...(else we'd miss Find Chey Friday and we couldn't do that!)

  6. Is so fun know facts about your mother =)
    Thanks for tag us too!

  7. That was very interesting. Your beans are a very cute couple! I like the porta potty backdrop too! Tee Hee.

  8. Your Mom is beautiful, Tuck! Our Mom is a Harry Potter junkie too! Thanks for letting your Mom borrow your blog:) We think that she's neato!

  9. That's a great photo - even with the porta potties! I'm glad to know more about you. We live an hour east of the southern part of West Virginia (near Bluefield), but I would guess that you are from Northern WV.

    P.S. I'm with the Island Cats' mom - I wish I could be 30 again too. But I do remember that turning 30 was difficult (I got used to it pretty quickly, though!).

  10. Lovely to hear about you. I think this meme is so good as we get to know the mums a little. You have a lovely radiant smile..

    Hugs GJ xx

  11. Hi Tuck,

    You are so sweet and kind to lend Jen, your blog! And we glad to know more about her.

    Oh... Jen is passing this meme to Selby! Thank you! We will make sure that Selby is going to do this meme.

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  12. Hi Jen! So nice to see you! Wow three to four books in a day! I like True Blood and American Idol and the Food Network and HGTV too!


  13. So nice to read some facts about you. You sounds very interesting, for a human :)

  14. It's fun to learn more about you. My mom feels the exact same way about the beach and ocean.

  15. Jen: Tommmy smiled at your comment about you not wanting to be done with your 20's yet...yep, Tommy thought the same thing---a couple decades ago! :) I like HGTV and Food Network too! Nice photos of you--and interesting stuff to learn!

  16. i never commented on this yesterday so i am catching up. you are very pretty. mom says you do not look like you are almost 30 so maybe you should just say you are turning 21! my mom said send her some of those books that you have finished so fast because she never has time to make it to the bookstore and loves reading. thanks for sharing. i think i will make my mom do this meme!

  17. Mom said 30 is a great age ~ she just wishes she could re-visit it!